The Garden are the American duo comprised of twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. One year after Mirror Might Steal Your Charm, they’re back with a new track titled “Thy Mission” which features Canadian songwriter and musician Mac DeMarco. It is out via Epitaph. Watch the official video directed by Nadia Lee Cohen and Charlie Denis. their words about it:

“Thy Mission was a demo originally meant for an album somewhere in the future along with a pile of other demos that we had recorded. We briefly talked about having a feature on the song and as we know Mac personally we thought we’d throw the song his way and if he liked it. We met up in Los Angeles and spent a full day together with the track, just going back and forth with various things. By midnight this is how it sounded, and we all liked it. In the video we feature as different guests on this twisted talk show, putting up with the hosts antics and drama, sometimes finding ourselves in the middle of it. It tells the story of a talk show host and his fall from grace over time. The audience is always right. We are all Oscar worthy”