Aparde is the project of Berlin based composer and musician Paul Schröder. Two years after first full-length Glass, he released a new album. Hands Rest is out now via Christian Löffler’s label Ki Records. . According to the press release, it is a cohesive collection of eight beautifully hand-crafted tracks, a complex and personal record that reflects both the essence of Berlin’s electronic club scene and nightlife, which Aparde undoubtedly is immersed in, and also his own intimate, emotional world which he explores through avant-garde pop.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video for the track “Simple Things“, a song which reveals the nature of the sound of the album: evocative and delicate vocals mixed with pulsing, refined and well-built electro rhythms and ambient vibes. The Clip is directed by Christoph Spranger. In his own words, “Simple Things” describes the power of positive or negative thinking and its influence on our life and personality. What you think today, you will become tomorrow. I’ve learned that’s exactly the way it is and as banal as it sounds, you select your own path.”

Watch it below.

Check also the full streaming of the album.