Three years ago we introduced Spanish Barcelona-based  singer-songwriter and musician Gisela Fullà aka NOIA and her debut EP Habits. Now she’s back with a new EP titled Crisàlida which is out now via Cascine. She shared a new video for the track “Ausencias“. It was directed by Amy Gardner which says about it:

“This track illustrates the need to answer questions within oneself and the constant search for self love and completion. The opening line presents a clear image of duality. The narrative is quite simple. NOIA has decided to orchestrate what seems to be a gladiator type fight between the two bald dancers in order to find a conclusion to the doubts that torment her mind.

What begins as an epic dual – the search for a definitive resolution to NOIA’s sense of self, eventually transforms into an endless dance, thus revealing the cyclical nature to our quest for identity and self love. As this occurs, we intercut to scenes of our butoh dancer dancing as if she was disintegrating in time and space. I would like to evoke a sense of manipulation between the 3 forces.