Divino Niño is the Chicago-via-Bogotá, Colombia quartet which involve Camilo Medina, Javier Forero, Guillermo Rodriguez and Pierce Codina. Three years after The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes, they announced the release of their debut album. Foam is out today via Winspear. Full streaming is available below.

According to the press release, Foam is a love letter to Chicago’s vibrant music scene. The band recruited an all-star list of local collaborators like Justin Vittori (Knox Fortune, Grapetooth) who provided keys and auxiliary percussion while Luke Henry played slide guitar. Twin Peaks’ collaborator Andrew Humphrey helped mix the LP while others like Paul Cherry, Twin Peaks’ Colin Croom, and Mild High Club’s Matt Roberts lent a helping hand with production. Though Foam is the product of so many personalities, backstories, and influences that cross genres and geographical lines, Divino Niño has managed to create something that feels truly fresh and uniquely them.