One year after her collaboration with Japanese composer and percussionist Midori Takada and the feature in a Ah! Kosmos!’s track, Egyptian-Iranian Los Angeles-based artist, singer and songriter Lafawndah released her first full-lenght. Ancestor Boy is out now via her own label Concordia. She shared a new video for the track “Daddy“.

It was co-directed by herself and Claire Arnold, with valued contributions from further friends and collaborators: Ib Kamara, who styled the shoot, Saul Nash, who led movement and choreography direction, and set designers Studio Augmenta. The short, shot in London this spring, features dance performances from both Lafawndah and her mother Zohreh.

On the process of creating ‘DADDY’, Lafawndah writes:

Of all the videos that I’ve made so far, “Daddy” is the most directly personal. Probably like most mother-daughter relationships, the link between Zohreh and I has been a complex and dynamic one. My hope and aim in conceiving this short film was to make a space where her so far largely private study of dance and performance could be brought into the light. I still believe that art retains its original potential as a theater for rapprochement, for moving weight and pressure that is stubborn to the mind: to heal and avenge in the same gesture. We met on the middle ground of our shared love of Flamenco from very different perspectives: on the one hand a more classical study, on the other through the furious, epic and romantic films of director Carlos Saura. I wanted to show the subject of “Daddy,”— the journey to discern what you retain and what you release from your family— as clearly as possible. It wasn’t certain, even on the day of filming, how this experiment would go; but thanks to an incredible team and my mom’s readiness and bravery, I think we were able to meet each other in some other place, according to some other laws, to exorcise and express some of the things that words between us haven’t been able to.