Gazel is a British/Turkish songwriter and producer. She announced the release of the first full-length. Book of Souls is out on October 4th. As the press release reports, it follows the esoteric story of Gazel, who seeks to find the cause of a mysterious fire which destroyed her village, and in the process encounters a variety of ‘souls’ who dwell in our collective unconscious, each of which is represented by a different track on the album. Influenced by mystical philosophy and the folk music of her Middle-Eastern roots, the album is an eclectic and captivating blend of subtle electronica, folk and pop.

We already shared “Mina’s Hymn” and “You’re Not So Funny”; “Rain is Coming” is a new excerpt. “‘Rain Is Coming’ is about the double-bind of being required to grow spontaneously from childhood into acceptable adulthood,” explains Gazel.