Glacis, the project of the Scottish musician and composer Euan Millar-McMeeken (Graveyard Tapes, The Kays Lavelle), released a new album. Trascend is out now as self-release. It follows 2018’s Metaphors. His words about it: “This album is inspired by, and for, my wife Ali. I don’t have the words to describe how much I admire her and who she has become despite everything she has been through but I see her determination to live her life by her rules and it is infectious. I don’t really have the words. I’m not good with words. So I made some music instead. 

The album was created in the silences while working on my next major work. It is a record that expands on my previous records, continuing to explore themes of permanence and impermanence, loss and fragility.

Full streaming is available below.