Ttwo years after Horizon, American San Francisco-based musician, composer and producer Christopher Willits announced the release of a new album. Sunset is out today via Ghostly International. We already shared “Coast”; “Pacific 1” is a new excerpt. According to the press release, The five compositions on Sunset move from warm to cool designed as a soundtrack to embrace the day’s end; a collective letting go. As with 2017’s opus Horizon, the first ever spatial audio release on Ghostly International, Sunset is produced to listen from *within*. Using the cutting-edge immersive audio venues and tools of his nonprofit, Envelop, Willits illuminates a landscape for the future of electronic music.

When I was 12, I realized that my life’s path was to make music in the service of love and healing. Music is a medicine that allows us to feel, listen, and ultimately surrender to the present moment,” he describes. “The compositions I create move through my imagination, heart, and hands, like guitar through a speaker, and light through a lens. I am continuously learning and evolving with the process; a practice of letting go of all that I create, as it creates me.

Willits is also the director and co-founder of the nonprofit, Envelop; leading a mission to amplify the connective power of music through immersive audio venues and spatial audio production tools. His process is an expression of love, inspired by an international audience of listeners, and the conviction that music can catalyze personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

Listen below.