Caveleon is the project which involves multi-instrumentalist Leo Einaudi, singer-songwriter Giulia Vallisari, electronic producer Federico Cerati and drummer Agostino Ghetti. Self-titled debut EP is out now via Futurissima. Five tracks which show delicate and dreamy textures, with rough lines melting with the warm and gentle female vocals and the deep and “baritone” male vocals. Today we share a playlist with 5 influential tracks which had an important role for their music. Check it below after the streaming.

Thom Yorke – Suspirium. (LEO) I pick this track because it’s been a loyal travelling companion through a very difficult time. Thom Yorke was fundamental in inspiring and influencing me as I realized I needed to write songs and devote my life to music. It’s a track that walks the fine line between melancholy and hope, its harmonies move you to a state of constant uncertainty, never quite reaching a solution. The dance between piano and voice leads you to the exact place and time you wish to be.
Bon Iver – Flume. (GIULIA) There are so many tracks that influenced me on my musical journey. It’s hard to pick one. And yet, without thinking too much about it, Bon Iver‘s Flume immediately comes to mind. The album, for Emma Forever ago, was the soundtrack to a very important journey, whose music I picked entirely.
Flume strikes me for its double nature, it’s a track that is so simple and light, and at the same it also manages to totally mess your head up.

Jon Hopkins – Immunity. (FEDERICO) This is such a tricky question to answer, because I think that the pleasure and beauty of music lays in its infinite variety. I like to listen to everything, the more surprising the better, and so I have to say that unfortunately I get bored of songs very easily, I find it hard to focus on just one. That said there is one track that had a great emotional impact on me: Immunity, by John Hopkins. I appreciated its almost-hypnotic ability to carry me into another dimension. The piano, the electronics, the base line that caresses you, a melody which is repetitive but is laid in a context of constant and subtle change. It builds a place, a space where one can lose oneself in the details.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Emergency Contraception Blues. (AGOSTINO) If I have to talk about a track that has been accompanying me a lot lately, I would definitely talk about the first track of the first album by Bombay Bicycle ClubEmergency Contraception Blues. I think that a band’s first album is the most important of its creative career: it holds the first ideas, those that belong to the most energetic and creative moment of life. And the first song, I think, frames the whole project, presents the band. Emergency Contraception Blues is an energetic post-punk piece (non my favourite genre), half melancholy half happy, that encloses everything I hear in music these days: strong and full melodies, a lovely steel snare drum with an incredible slap. Emergency Contraception Blues is in fact is re-elaborated in the album’s last track, The Giantess, which is basically the realization of the same idea, but acoustically, highlighting even more a guitar work which gives me the shivers. I find the interpretation of a soft acoustic piece in a hard-rock key (which in both cases sounds amazing) a wonderful idea.
Alt-j – Hunger Of The Pine. There are so many different instruments in this track, both acoustic and electronic. Guitars, synths, wind instruments, a rhythmic which is unique and strong. It all blends to perfection to summon a magical, powerful atmosphere. In this sense it is really close to our world, we are fascinated by it every time we listen to it.