We introduced different times Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and musician Jens Kuross. He announced the release of a new album. Say Your Prayers is out later this year. We already shared “Give Me Your Ghost”; “Jens Kuross” is a new excerpt. Speaking about the making of the track, Jens explains: 

The seeds for this one were sown during an impromptu recording session in Sydney with Steve Nalepa from the Acid and the Australian artist Lanks.  I was down there to do an Acid gig and the three of us had a night off so we thought it would be fun to throw a little paint at the wall for a couple hours to see if anything stuck.  The song that came out of it wasn’t anything to write home about but each one of the three of us ended up re-purposing our contributions to the session as starting points for later songs of our own (in my case the lyrics “coldness kills” and a fairly banal chord progression).”