Photo: Ivan Engler

Arya Zappa is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter, sound artist and musician. “Words” is her debut track which shows the enchanting tension, well-built darkness, deep embracing vocals and destructured rhythms. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the lyrics video.  According to the press release, “Listening to Zappa, a Cronenberg-esque body horror effect is felt from the feet to the epaulettes, the sound of the body and mind separating and confusing the body into a spasm. With the voice taking centre stage, Zappa becomes a narrator of dystopian post war cityscapes, bending under the pressure of progress like a Larkin poem told by Fellini.”

“Berlin artist Arya Zappa delivers with “Words” an otherworldly pop debut which is an experimental and dark statement – somewhere between Grace Jones, David Bowie and Amon Tobin.”

Check also the track on Soundcloud.