Four years ago we introduced Swedish singer-songwriter Akiine and her Neptune EP. Now she announced the release of a new EP. Red is out on June 7th via Color Station. “Don’t Wanna” is the first excerpt. Her words about it: Don’t Wanna is an easy-going song of how you feel in the beginning of a relationship, when this new world opens up to you and you just want to be with the other person and everything is colourful and you can’t wait to finish work and just go and hang out with them, doing nothing.

There’s lots of endorphins and excitement and life is great in the little love nest. This song was inspired by memories and appreciation of how things evolve. A lot of golden touches. Musically, I worked a lot on the drums and came to a stage where I decided to tidy it up a bit and simplify the layers to not make it too complicated. Just wanted a nice beat with a fun rhythm to it.”