SONARS are a British/Talian alt-pop duo. The band consists of Brighton-born Frederick Paysden and Serena Oldrati from Bergamo. Their music took inspiration from bands as Air, Jagwar Ma, Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala, Radiohead and Gorillaz. Theyr ecently released their first full-length titled Theatre of Darkness, out via INRI. They shared the official video for the track “Love Me Anyway“.

According to the press release, the visuals that accompany the band’s music are carefully curated. The album’s aesthetic revolves around two sets of imagery. One of which is the stylized depiction of endangered species of insects at risk of extinction. The other uses long forgotten material such as old photographs, Super 8 films and home movies which were found amongst odds and ends at various flea markets.