Forest Veil (formerly known as Moniker) is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer-songwriter Monica Metzler, based in Portland, OR. Three years ago we introduced her with the debut full-length Zoolights. Now she announced the release of a new album. Solita is out on June 7th via Spirit House. It features Luke Hall (Bass, Guitars),  Chris Johnedis (Drums) and Johanna Warren (Vocals on “Last Home”).

Her words about the album: “While traveling alone in Chiapas- after a very recent and disillusioning breakup- locals would ask me, “Estas solita?” (Are you by yourself or are you little alone one?), which at first felt limiting and full of sorrow. As my trip progressed, it started to feel empowering, and when I replied, “Si, soy solita” it was met with an acknowledgment of the courage that it takes to trek alone. It was through this self-love, solita journey that I was able to return to myself and realize that I’m my own source of joy, wonder, and strength.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “It’s Been A Hard Year” which shows her enchanting and delicate vocals mixed the evocative and melancholic arpeggio and the narrative efficacy.  She says about it: “I wrote this song as an honest and simple confession reflecting on the trials and obstacles of a year in my life.

I think this song really highlights the essence of this album, for even when you feel like you’re on your own, connection and companionship are still essential for true healing. Paradoxically, you really need other people to get over heartbreak. So we are never as disconnected as we may feel. It’s Been a Hard Year recognizes this universal dissonance and honors the reality of both/and.