Bodywash are a Montreal-based band lead by Rosie Long Decter and Chris Steward. Their music is inspired by acts like Beach House, Deerhunter, MBV and Slowdive. They signed to Luminelle Recordings and announced the release of the first full-length, out later this year. “Eye To Eye” is the first excerpt which shows the dreamy vibes of their sound.

Chris Steward says about the track: “Eye to Eye was conceived on a rainy September night back in 2017. When there’s a particular emotion I need to convey in song form, I’ll often stay in the same place, both mentally and physically, until that emotion hits a kind of saturation point. In the case of “Eye to Eye”, I think nearly the entire song was recorded in demo form that night. The song draws upon the idea that reciprocity governs all our interactions with the external world. Reciprocity is the lifeblood of all human relationships, whether romantic, platonic or somewhere in-between; “Eye to Eye” expresses what happens when that understanding is thrown off balance. I wanted it to feel like layers of synths and guitars woven in concentric circles, like a centre that can’t hold itself.”