Rozi Plain is a British musician and singer-songwriter, better known as bass player of This Is The Kit. She released a new solo album. It follows 2015’s Friend. What A Boost is out now via Memphis Industries and it features This Is The Kit’s Jamie Whitby Coles, Sam Amidon, Sir Was, Gerard Black, Amaury Ranger and Raphael Desmarets. She shared the official video of the track “Swing Shut“.

Says Rozi of Swing Shut:

“Swing Shut was started in LA with Chris Cohen. Continued in London and Glasgow and finished in Chicago. I think it thinks about doors opening and closing between people. Responsibilities to do with keeping the doors open or knowing when to close them. Who’s keeping the key? Who’s kicking out the door wedge? Who’s haunting who? Relationships changing, leaving and moving. Opening up and shutting down. Wanting some real talk. Getting real talk and not wanting it. The feelings of urgency to hold on when things might feel like they’re slipping away. The worry of being misunderstood. Trying to keep calm.”

Directed by Tom Lock Griffiths, the video plays on the duality of “Swing Shut”, capturing Rozi in a juxtaposition of moods. as Tom explains:

“Rozi’s brilliant track Swing Shut, has this great duality, it’s something you can dance around your kitchen to but also has this melancholy edge, a hint of anxiety, so we wanted to have two Rozi’s, sometimes at odds but also in harmony. We both really like greens and blues too.”