Luke Sanger is a British musician, sound artist and producer which has been writing and performing electronic music for fifteen years and counting. He’s also provided audio for TV, games and advertisements for several high profile companies such as Ubisoft, HBO, ITV and MTV. One year after Traversing Timelines, he announced the release of a new full-length.

Ancient Pathways is out on May 24th via Welsh label Serein (Nest, Olan Mill, Brambles, Colorlist, Kryshe). The artist turns to his modular synthesiser as the sole source of sound and arrangement. According to the press release, whilst modular synths are renowned for their incredibly broad sound palette and for inviting experimentation, they are notoriously difficult to navigate when it comes to arrangement. Testament to Luke’s skill then, that he not only coaxes delicate and intriguing tones and textures from his setup, but also manages the non-trivial task of weaving a story and structure around them.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the full streaming of the album. His words about it: “The album is a collection of recordings which reflect the ancestral landscapes  around where I live. Spirit ways and death roads, ley lines and ancient  pathways – everything is composed with a purposely minimalist approach. Each sound exists within it’s own space.