Nous is the collaboration between musician Henning Schmiedt and Marie Séférian, French/ German singer of Lebanese descent. Je Suis is their collaborative album which is out now via Japanese label Flau Records and it shows evocative and intimate vocals, a minimal sound and delicate ambient and piano textures. Listen below.

Meeting in Henning’s studio Klavierraum in the melting pot Berlin they create this charming post chanson album with a slow music attitude.  Consisting of only first take recordings, it masterfully combines piano, toy piano, harmonium, vocals and electronic textures, resulting in a minimalistic and yet rich and fluid union of sound. 

Lyrics are flung into the air like glittering confetti, combining eclectic elements from chanson, Indian vocal scats und jazz with the warmth of the piano and the breathing of the harmonium. The result is a stunning and organic musical interplay.