STANLÆY is the project of Bath based singer-songwriter, musician and producer Bethany Stenning. She draws inspiration from artists such as Joanna Newsom, The Dirty Projectors and Sigur Rós. The Human Project is the debut album which will be out via her own STANLÆY ART imprint.

The album is a multi-faceted audio-visual project which involved over 70 musicians, artists, actors/actresses and videographers all under the direction of Bethany. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of “Wooden Womb” which shows her exploration of the vocals possibilities and of the complex and well-built sound. The clip was directed by herself.

Her words about the video: The Wooden Womb video tells the tale of a scientist who creates a girl made of wood. As she comes to life and runs away from her creator in order to find the place she can flourish away from him. He loves his creation and is heartbroken when she grows apart from him. The video is shot as a narrative, which suits the songs story-like dynamics, and the video ends with an electronic explosion of all the acoustic sounds and images introduced at the start of the song.”