Today we don’t share only two lists, but we propose a real narration of two similar worlds, the ones of Italian musicians and “explorers” Bruno Dorella (Bachi Da Pietra, OvO, Ronin) and Adriano Zanni. They both recently released two new solo albums via Bronson Recordings (respectevely Concerto per chitarra solitaria and Ricordo quasi tutto).


They both released two instrumental albums which symbolize their personal journeys into the unconscious: Bruno Dorella spread the epic of the shipwreck through a single guitar, (a Japanese Fender Telecaster dating back to the 90s); Adriano Zanni channeled its field recordings into an authentic sound memory.

So the two artists, for fun and for the love of music, made a playlist of a dozen songs, focused on guitar and field recordings to let us understand better their works and their background. Enjoy!


Chapter 1 – Bruno Dorella

  1. Dylan Carlson, When The Horses Were Shorn Of Their Hooves
  2. Steve Reich, Electric Counterpoint
  3. Gaultier Le Vieux, Suite En Re Mineur
  4. Derek Bailey, Daora
  5. Jaime Torres, Zamba De Anta
  6. Fred Frith, No Birds
  7. Labradford, Pico
  8. Bill Frisell, The Day Of Wine And Roses
  9. Charlie Christian, Swing To Bop
  10. Glenn Branca, Lesson No.1
  11. Stefano Pilia, Stand Behind The Man Behind The Wire
  12. John Fahey, Fare Forward Voyagers

Chapter 2 – Adriano Zanni. 

  1. Alec Finlay & Chris Watson, Siren
  2. Tim Buckley, Song To The Siren 
  3. Steve Roden, The Radio
  4. Stars Of The Lid, Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage
  5. Ryuichi Sakamoto, fullmoon
  6. Nick Drake, Fruit Tree
  7. Massimo Toniutti, Vecchi villaggi
  8. Janek Schaefer, Round In Circles
  9. Labradford, Everlast
  10. Burial, Beachfires
  11. Four Tet, Evening Side
  12. Bruno Dorella, Marco Milanesio & Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Canale Cavour