Three years after first full-length Our Life Will Be Made Up Of Simple Things, Italian singer-songwriter and musician Alessandro Panzeri aka Old Fashioned Lover Boy announced the release of a new album. Bright is out today via A Modest Proposal Records and Malinka Sound. Full streaming is available via Rockerilla. After the streaming of the track “Goodbye“, he explains the new work track by track. Check it below.

Elle. It is the song that opens the album because it is the one that – in my opinion – is intended to bring you into the atmosphere of “Bright”. Perhaps the song we love to play live more than any other.

Modern Life. I had the bass in my head, it all started from that. We had a lot of fun making it. We wanted a song that could dance a little and make you move your shoulder 🙂

I Pray. It’s one of the first songs on this album I wrote. I love it because in less than 2.30 he can say everything he needs to be a good song. Short songs, when they are successful, are the best.

Goodbye. It’s a very nostalgic song. I wrote it thinking of Naples, the city where I was born and raised and that I left a few years ago.

Do you feel. It’s funny because almost all those who have listened to “Bright” choose this among the favorites of the album. I, on the other hand, was not very sure. Now it’s one of the songs that I enjoy singing and playing the most.

Lovesong n 6. It was perhaps the most difficult song to finish. We have recorded 7 or 8 versions. To get his final version we started deleting a lot of takes and tools. Maybe it’s my favorite of the whole album.

Good times. Good times was written on the acoustic guitar, perhaps for this reason it has a simpler and more direct nature. Behind its simplicity there is a theme that is quite important to me: to face the passing years and the dreams you have to abandon.

You. When we produced this song, we were under massive listening from Sampha and Dirty Projectors. I don’t know if this is felt by listening to it now. There is also a totally acoustic version of this song, I always play it when I play in solo sets.