Two years after I Love You Like A Brother, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and musician Alex Lahey announced the release of a new album. The Best of Luck Club is out on May 17th via Dead Oceans. . Following “Am I Doing It Right?”, she shared a new track titled “Unspoken History“.

When I was in Nashville, I spent some time in a tiny writing room creating songs for this record,” says Lahey of the new track. “Towards the end of that time, I felt as though I was starting to exhaust my output and was starting to become complacent about what I had left to give. On one of my last days there, I was lent a guitar that was set up in a variation on open D tuning, which is something I never play in. In the process of nutting out chords and voicing in this tuning, the melody to the verses just came out. When I started putting words to it, it started off as being about one thing, but then morphed into something else, creating its own path very organically.