One year after debut album I’ll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes, Norfolk based musician and singer-songwriter John Johanna is back with a new full-length. Seven Metal Mountains is out now via Faith & Industry. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Children of Zion” which shows the well built refined and rough melodies and the vocals intensity.

He draws inspiration from his studies in borderless folkways, mystical scripture, psychedelia and gospel blues, and when asked about the meaning behind “Children of Zion”, Johanna states that “it stands as a war whoop against monopolists, credit-mongers, hawks, and the politicians who serve them. Yet in the same breath, the song asserts confidence in the Creator, in the human spirit, and in a vision of earth transfigured by love; here symbolised by the ancient and ever new Holy Zion”.

About the video: “I was hoping for a video that caught something of the wide open, easy feel of the track and the filmmaker Daisy Dickinson really delivered. Partly shot in the woods a few steps away from my studio, I think it will give viewers a sense of the environment in which the song was written and a little vision of the world it longs for.

The track was produced album by John Johanna with enigmatic producer Capitol K at Total Refreshment Centre studios, London and features guest drummer Betamax (The Comet is Coming) and backing vocals by Karina Zakri (Seafoxes).

About the filmmaker Daisy Dickinson:

Daisy Dickinson is a London-based director/visual artist whose work involves experimental short film, music video, projected installation and live visual performance. She is one half of audio/visual collaboration ‘Adrena Adrena’ with ex-Boredom’s drummer E-da Kazuhisa and has worked as a visual addition to other artists such as Seefeel, Toy, Grimm Grimm, Snapped Ankles, Samuel Kerridge and The HAHA Sounds Collective.