Daughter of Swords is the solo project of American singer-songwriter and musician Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, better known for her work with Mountain Man. Dawnbreaker is the debut album which will be out on June 28th via Bella Union and Nonesuch Records. “Dawnbreaker” is the first excerpt. Watch the official video directed by D.L. Anderson.

She says of the title track: “‘Dawnbreaker’ is about waking to the day beautifully breaking around you, and waking also to the realization that the life you’ve been leading is breaking with it. The version of ‘ Dawnbreaker’ that is on the album was one of the first takes recorded of the whole record. It wasn’t really intended to be the final version of the song, but as the rest of the record came together, we realized that the rawness of that first take embodied the emotional quality that the record wanted to end on.