Kassel Jaeger is the project of French Paris-based avant-garde composer François J. Bonnet, also known for the collaboration with artists such as Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi or Jim O’Rourke. One year after Retroactions, he announced the release of a new full-length. Le Lisse et le Strié is out now via Latency. Listen to “Serpentine Mosaic“.

‘Le Lisse et le Strié’ has been conceived as an exploration of the two antagonist concepts of smooth and striated, applied to the realm of electroacoustic sounds. If the smooth is linked to « nomos » as an open space of organic distribution, the striated, on the contrary, is associated to “logos”, as an enclosed space defined by a grid.

Elaborating a dialogue between these aspects, Kassel Jaeger draws here an intermediary space where pulsations become textures and layers, and where rhythmic elements are found in the qualities and bodies of sounds instead of being functionalised, pre-determined sound objects, abstracted and frozen onto a temporal grid.

Here “The striated” is made audible only through the sonic landscape it inhabits, like the stripes of the camouflage fur of wild animals only exist as such in the woods and long grass, disappearing into a potentially uselessness in a desert plain.