One year after Sirimiri and El Ferrocarril DesvanecienteNew York-based sound artist and producer Rafael Anton Irisarri announced the release of a new album. Solastalgia is out on June 21st via ROOM40. As the press release reports, Solastalgia imagines that which is not yet known. It traces possible terminus points for futures that many of us will not live to see. Utilising a range of unexpected variables, automations and uncontrolled systems in the creation of the recordings, Irisarri has developed a new approach to his work, seamlessly weaving together intense layers of texture and saturated harmony.

Recorded in two suites (one released on LP and the other available initially only on limited edition cassette) , each section is a distorted mirror reflection of the other. “Coastal Trapped Disturbance” is the first excerpt. Watch the official video directed by Sean Curtis Patrick.