Saturday Come Slow is our weekly recap with the 10 (plus 1) best artists that we have shared. Listen Below and click the title of the song to read our post about the track or the album.

[Video]: The Murder Capital – “Green & Blue”

[Streaming]: Altopalo – “Mud”

[Album Streaming]: Dag Rosenqvist – “Blood Transmission”

[Video]: Flying Hòrses – “Comfort”

[Streaming]: Pale Ramon – “Beat Punk”

[Streaming]: Bad Books – “Lake House” and “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Help Me, Thank You”

[Streaming]: Sebastian Reynolds – “By The Tower, At Nightfall”

[Streaming]: Jake Xerxes Fussell – “Michael Was Hearty”

[Streaming]: Jtamul – “Tsiqvi”

[Video]: MOLLY – “Weep, Gently Weep”

[Streaming]: Jameszoo & Metropole Orkest (conducted by Jules Buckley) – “(rolrolrol)”

[Album Streaming]: An On Bast – “Nothing Shapes Everything”