Terje Torkellsen is an interesting Norwegian musician and singer-songwriter, known also for playing with band as Palmface, Mats Wawa , Plooms, Hockney and Geetar. “Yani Martinelli” is a new track whch shows his ethereal vocals and the psychdelic vibes of well-built melodies. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video directed by himself. His words about it:

The video alternates between illustrating the lyrics and the music in the song. When I wrote it, my thoughts were on animated children’s tv-shows and the sounds, colours and shapes that can be seen there. I tried to find that same headspace when i worked on the video. I’ve had the idea to make it a stop motion animation for a long time, but didn’t actually start working on it until the beginning of this year. The main inspiration for the stop motion style was seeing Michel Gondry’s documentary “Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy”, that portraits Noam Chomsky in an interview that he illustrates with stop motion animation. He uses felt-tip marker and inverts the colours, so the background is black and the marker shines like neon. I just thought that was really cool. So first I had to learn how to animate, and my girlfriend Johanna Warberg-Nilsen taught me. She helped me with the technical side of it and edited everything. I’m very happy with how it turned out!