Kettle of Kites is the Scottish/Italian project which involves Tom Stearn (vocals & classical guitar), Marco Giongrandi (vocals & electric guitar), Pietro Martinelli (vocals & acoustic bass) and Riccardo Chiaberta (drums). Three years after debut full-length Loan, they announced the release of a new album.

Arrows is out later this year as self-release and it is inspired by the literary world of writer Isaac Asimov. We already shared “Giants”; “Weathervane” is the new excerpt. As frontman Tom Stearn explains: “The song is about time, past and future, and, as with all of the tracks on the record, is linked with the sci-fi world of Isaac Asimov, here taking inspiration from the imagined science of Psychohistory, which predicts major events in human history through analysis of big data. It’s a song which poses questions about fate, faith and the bigger picture we’re all part of.