Seven years after their sophomore album II, American band Bad Books (lead by Andy Hull and Kevin Devine) announced their return with a new full-length. III is out on June 21st via Loma Vista Recordings. They shared two new tracks titled “Lake House” and “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Help Me, Thank You“. Listen below.


Andy Hull on “Lake House”: “‘Lake House’ is quite a personal song to me. We tried to place it in a sonic environment that felt three dimensional. Instead of just hearing the song left and right, we wanted to have the sounds feel forward, backwards, above and below. Hopefully achieving a certain level of floating and immersive movements to take the listener along with the lyrical journey.
Kevin Devine on “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Help Me, Thank You”: “I wrote the song after the birth of my daughter, about the difficult time I was having reconciling some of what was so terrifying to me about that moment atmospherically/culturally with the indescribable experience I was having as a new father. And also about how even the profound joy I felt didn’t dissolve every preexisting ugly knuckle kicking around in my psyche. I’d heard this phrase offered as a prayer in a secular setting. It offers me a bit of perspective and calm when things feel overwhelming. It feels good to sing.