Two years after Life & Livin’ ItSudanese-American musician Ahmed Gallab aka Sinkane (born in London to Sudanese parents, raised in Ohio) announced the release of a new album. Dépaysé is out on May 31st via City Slang. We already shared title-track; “Ya Sudan” is a new excerpt. With this track he reflects on his cultural roots, his family, and what it means to be Sudanese. Watch the animated video inspired by vintage Sudanese vinyl artwork and featuring childhood family photos of Ahmed.

I am so inspired by how the recent uprising in Sudan has unified Sudanese people all over the world. I feel like we are truly understanding our identity. It feels inclusive and welcoming. Sudan is one of the most diverse places on Earth. From the Nuba Mountains to Port Sudan. Dongola to Darfur. Kassala to Khartoum. We are people made up of different languages, cultures, and religions. Our differences create our beautiful and rich identity. As for me, growing up outside of Sudan has given depth to my identity. This is the message of ‘Ya Sudan.’
Being Sudanese is about being yourself unapologetically. Not letting anybody define who you are. This song is for the Kandakas who have been at the forefront of toppling Omar El-Bashir. And the strong men and children who stand beside them. And all of us outside of Sudan standing together showing the world our resilience. There is no better time than now to be Sudanese.”