Active since 2006, Teeth Of The Sea are a trio from London. Sam Barton, Mike Bourne and Jimmy Martin released the first album Orphaned By The Ocean in 2009, tracing their borders between post rock and psychedelic sound. Release after release, their sound became darker and electronic has taken the windward. Out for Rocket Recordings, Wraith is the fifth album and represents the most successful attempt to create a musical Frankenstein in which dark attitude is distorted by jazz raids and refreshed by instrumental “nightmares”. Always floating between darkness e urgency, the album offers a breathtaking tracklist.

“I’d Rather, Jack” is the second single taken from the album. Broken voices, a hysterical trumpet, shots and finally a ride guided by a dramatic synth; dancefloor and darkwave united in an enchanting marriage. “Burn Of The Shieling” covers the distance between kraut rock and ambient music. “Her Wraith” is the most cinematic episode, with the trumpet tension over a carpet of dilated sounds. “Gladiators Ready” is a fantastic instrumental darkwave storm.

Extreme, challenging and surprising, Wraith shows which it’s possible to create unsettling and unusual rock textures in these conformist times. One of the best releases of this year.