T. Gowdy is a Montreal-based electronic music producer, audio/visual performer and musician who began his career as a professional choralsinger at the age of eleven. One year after Vitrify Kate, he’s back with a new album.¬†Pachira Aquatica¬†is out now via Shimmering Moods Records. Full streaming is available below.

As the press release reports, Pachira Aquatica is a collaboration with chance. It is an expedition in to the thresholds of uncertainty where certainty crystallizes into living universes. The album encompasses a collection of sonorous journal entries exploiting limitations such as feedback, FM/buchla synthesis, cathode ray-tube television electroacoustics as well as Motorola G-series smartphone analog to digital converters. Spiritual fortunes may be obtained by great risk. A laptop falls from a lobster crate. Now dented. Infestations become a production ground for moments of stillness. A fox appears in the garden as lovers pose for an auto-portrait. Pachira Aquatica Pachira Aquatica Pachira Aquatica.