ALASKALASKA are a South London collective headed by singer-songwriter Duarte-Holman and bassist and producer Fraser Rieley, with Calum Duncan (guitarist), Fraser Smith (saxophonist), and Gethin Jones (drummer). They announced the release of the first full-length. The Dots is out on May 3rd via Marathon Artists. We already shared “Moon” and “Bees”; “Tough Love” is a new excerpt.

ALASKALASKA’s vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Lucinda Duarte-Holman said, “‘Tough Love’ is a protest and a paradox. It is an invite to each individual listener to interpret however they like.” Animator Scott-Dyson orginally wanted to mirror nature, reproduction and the human body in his visuals, but once the track’s lyrics embedded, he changed tack, “I didn’t think having abstract patterns and things would suffice. So something of a loose structure began to build, based on someone being captured and their thoughts and feelings being harvested into seeds. It went in more of a sci-fi based direction but all done in very loose, obscure ways.