Tabacco is the project of Italian musician and singer-songwriter Andrea Tabacco, known also for the work with his former band Elton Junk. He recently released a new solo album titled Tempeste Lunari which is out now via Millessei Dischi. Nine tracks which mix heavy and dark electronic lines, 80’s influences, wave and synth-pop textures.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official (self-directed) video of the track “Tempesta Armonica“. We ask him to introduce us in his world with 5 influential tracks that had an important role for his music. Check it below after the clip.

Roses – dEUS. I like songs that are beyond genres. I don’t know where to place this track, but it enchants me.

From Her to Eternity – Nick Cave. This track explains perfectly the passion expressed through the urgency of punk. I like visceral music.

Heartbeats -The Knife. I admire the lightness of this piece, but at the same time the sincerity. It has the power to lift me up every time I listen to it.

Electric feel- MGMT. A visionary track full of a carefree imagination. It is also difficult to center in a defined style, and when it came out I thought it was something new.

In the Flat Field – Bauhaus. I love the rhythms and the drama of this song. Like the soundtrack of a horror movie, like an early train in the night.