Mike Gale is a UK-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, better known for his work with bands like Co-Pilgrim and Black Nielsen. He announced the release of a new album titled Summer Deluxe which will be out in May. Today we have the pleasure to share the official video, directed by Jussi Virkkumaa, of the track “Rareearaa” which shows the ethereal and dreamy vibes of the sound and the delicate vocals melodies.

When asked about working alone and the process of home recording, Mike says “I really enjoy recording by myself, getting the time and space to mess around with my ideas and make mistakes that you sometimes don’t get when recording with other people. I record on a Tascam DP-32. I don’t like using computers to record, I prefer the hands-on approach of having a mixing desk with knobs etc.

On the thematic concept of making a summer record, Mike says “I’m a huge Beach Boys fan so I kinda always wanted to make some sort of Summer themed album. The very loose narrative running through the album is Spring through to Autumn, with the 3 instrumentals representing Spring, mid-Summer and Autumn”.

Check the artwork below.