Yeah But No is a Berlin-based duo that includes Douglas Greed and Fabian Kuss. After the release of a dozen of tracks as Douglas Greed feat. Kuss – among others on BPitch Control, Noir and Cocoon Records – both decide to split the artistic responsibility and start writing tracks jointly.

We introduced them two years ago, when they were going to release the self-titled debut album via Sinbus. Now they’re back with Remixes II, the second one of two EPs containing contributions by Miyagi (Einmusika, Katermukke, Soso), The Micronaut (3000° Records, Freude Am Tanzen), Schlepp Geist (Katermukke, Fenou, Ursl), and Dapayk (Mo’s Ferry Prod., Fenou, Stil vor Talent)

We have the pleasure to share a stunning playlist with the track which they listened to on the road (during their tour):“Being on tour can be glamorous and exhausting at the same time. So while we are on the road we listen to music that is in the same spirit. A sweet and sour dish for our ears.”

After the playlist, they explain 5 tracks which are part of this mixtape. Enjoy It!


Stubbon Heart – Need Someone

“We fell in love with STUBBORN HEART a couple of years ago as we stumbled upon them by accident.The songwriting and sound design is just so unbeleivably precise and it allways gives us the chills”

Grizzly Bear – Mourning Sound

“Grizzly Bear is a big inspiration for us. Especially this song shows the greatness of the band: an easy going complexity or a complex easy goingness”

Zola Blood – Play Out 

“It’ s hard to the find the right balance between a song and a track – if you aim for it.
We feel that this one does knock the ball out of the park with this one. One foot in the club, one foot in the car on its way to the club – or the way back home”

Colin Stetson – Who The Waves Are Roaring For

” Here we go with the glamorous and exhausting…This track is so nasty and there fore beautiful. It blows us away every time”

Joep Beving – Wanderlust

” Staring out of the window music. Imagine driving on the autobahn while the sun and the trees that are passing by perform their little dance of light and shadow.”