One year after 光 (Eilean Records), Home Normal boss, British Warsaw-based sound artist Ian Hawgood released a new solo work. Impermanence is out now via London-based label Slowcraft Records. As the press release reports, Impermanence is a love letter to transience, fragility and the analogue machines Ian Hawgood persuades to articulate the poignantly brittle beauty of decay. After many years of in-demand mastering, label curation and collaborative focus Hawgood now offers us a definitive portrait of the technical expertise and personal integrity demanded by exemplary modern tape-based practice. 

In studios between Tokyo and Warsaw walls of reel-to-reel tape recorders, analogue synthesisers, processed textures and degraded cassette recordings were all carefully coaxed into braiding together their hiss, wow, flutter and warmth into this beautifully flowing nine-chapter arc of delicately unpredictable sound. Impermanence is an understated, finely wrought work that honours process and outcome equally, exhibiting a rare tonal and conceptual elegance throughout and marking an assured return to solo composition from a true master of the analogue arts. 

Full streaming is available below.