Rebounder is the project of New York native and singer/producer Dylan Chenfeld. After the debut single “Japanese Posters”, he’s back with a new single titled “Meet Me At The Bar” which shows his evocative vocals and his ability to build percussive and vivid melodies. It will be part of the debut EP Rebounder One.

Chenfeld says of the song: “This song was written entirely in one go. Some friends and I were at a bar that was totally empty, the owners had already sold it, new people were moving in to paint it, but there was a period in-between when they would let friends come by. 
It was behind a false door, and it felt a bit like a journey to get there. Once you were there in this empty bar, it felt a bit like you were removed from the madness of the city, even though it was just one wall between, the vibe was like the last bar on earth. I was going through a breakup, which is what the song is about, it all just locked in and made sense. On the walk home I wrote the song, walked in, found the chords and rushed to scribble it down.”