One year after debut album No Burden, Richmond-based singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus released a new album in 2018, Historian (out on via Matador Records). Now heìs back with a new track titled “My Mother & Iwhich is part of her ‘2019’ single series. She will also be playing a UK headline tour in June, including a London headline at EartH on June 5th.
Lucy says on the song: “Being adopted has encouraged me to consider what mothers pass on through blood and body, and what they impart in the way of socialization and context. We – daughters, and all children – easily inherit the shame and fear of our mothers, but also the pride, self-assurance, and lessons of love. This song focuses on body image and the distinction between the body and the soul, which I can hardly claim to have clarity about to this day. I also reflect on traits my mother and I share as Taurean women- how we are steadfast but headstrong, empathetic but grounded, and dedicated to finding and giving reliable love and comfort.”