FIL BO RIVA is the project of Italian singer-songwriter and musician Filippo Bonamici. Three years after his debut EP If You’re Right, It’s Alright, he released the first full-length. Beautiful Sadness is out now. He shared a new video for the track “Different But One“. It was directed by Marie Schuller. Watch it below.

His words about it: “In my eyes Different But One is the heart of the album. I always wanted to write a song like this, an epic and extended piece of music that breaks all structural boundaries and takes the listener on a proper journey. A track where you really have to sit down and concentrate to fully understand and enjoy all of its facets – acontrast to music nowadays and an homage to the past.

One day, after we finished recording Different But One, I started playing around with the idea of writing another song out of the „gorilla“ part… I already had the otherverse and bridge written so it felt right and came very quickly. In a way these songs are extremely connected to each other but still so diverse – of course the key feature is the chorus and in the first place that motivated me to create these two different versions. I really liked the idea of having the „gorilla“ part twice on the album, for me this somehow summarized and explained the whole concept behind our LP.

This ultimately inspired us to our approach with the videos: Go Rilla and Different But One had to be connected. So we talked to the director Marie Schuller about the approach and she fully understood my vision for the aesthetic world I conceived. In the end we put together an amazing team and created this video which we are very proud of. It features so many great actors, dancers, myself, Felix and Josi – the girl I wrote this album for and the girl who created the artwork with me.”