Two years after debut album French Kiwi Juice and 2019’s “Leave My Home“, French producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist FKJ aka Vincent Fenton teamed up with London to LA-based R&B vocalist and producer Col3trane on his latest single “Perfect Timing” which is out now via Mom+Pop Music.

FKJ shares that “After maybe a year of trying to get in the studio together we met for a day in London last October. We spent most of the time talking & listening to stuff. It feels right learning how to know each other rather than trying to make magic happen in such a small time. Col3 took some beats of mine home when the day was over. “Perfect Timing” was one of the demos he sent me the next week and my personal favorite. I already had a melody in my head for it, but what he did, outdid what I had imagined. The words he added are at the right place. It also has that dancehall vibe that I love. I was listening to a lot of dancehall when i was a teenager and this beat was definitely inspired from it. The beat was originally made while on tour, just on my laptop, very quickly with no thoughts in the back. Once i got Col3’s vocals I brought it back to the studio. I haven’t produced for many voices yet, but this is something that I love to do. I feel free to expand in different genres that people don’t know me yet for.”