Luca di Maio is an Italian singer-songwriter well-known for his work with the band Insula Dulcamara and which we introduced (three years ago) with the debut album LetianaNow he’s back with a new full-length titled Piccole Armi/Grandi Imprese which is out as self-production.

Today, we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “La Fragola nella Pancia dell’Orso“. It was directed by Angelica Gallorini. We had a talk with about the new work, the video and the collaboration with Serena Altavilla and Pietro Santangelo. Check it after the video below.

Let’s Start from the new album “Piccole Armi/Grandi Imprese”. What is the focus of your work and what about the creative process?

Well, I would not say that there was such thing as a focus for this album. Sonically speaking, I just wanted to it be as free as possible. I did not want to follow a path but just to have fun when working on the songs. It has turned out to be both exciting and positively exhausting. As for the lyrics, I guess it is all about how epic the daily life of us ”lesser people” is. Our great feats despite our small weapons.

You collaborated with Serena Altavilla and Pietro Santangelo. How did you get them involved in this?

Pietro is a long-time friend and he used to play in my former band Insula Dulcamara. He is a very talented musician who plays many musical instruments. In fact, I forced him to play the drums for that band. It goes without saying that it was super easy to make him understand what kind of sound I was looking for.

As for Serena, she sings on my rendition of John Lennon’s ”Love”, which was released as Christmas single in 2016. ”Quand’ero Felice” is tailored to Serena’s wonderful voice, because I wrote it to appear on her first solo album. Since she had not started to work on it yet, I decided to record it for Piccole Armi/Grandi Imprese. It is a pleasure working with her and I just love how our voices are intertwined.

Today we share the official video of “La Fragola Nella Pancia Dell’Orso”. What about the song and the video?

First of all, thank you for sharing the video. I would say that this is a song about desire. We may all agree that desire is a really effective trigger that leads you to do extra-ordinary things. At the same time, the lyrics criticises the (wrong) idea that men have to be self-confident all the time. It is a peculiarly sexy song.

The video, which I find very cute, was directed by Angelica Gallorini. We wanted the video ”to step inside of you and make you smile”, as one of the lines of the song states. On the other hand, it is also a nice way to share a biscuit recipe tutorial.

Ritual question. What are the best releases you recently appreciated?

I listen to tons of music so I find it very hard to answer. The following titles are the first that came to my mind: Dudu Tassa – איגרת אל הילדים, Tunng – Songs You Make at Night, Foxwarren – Foxwarren, Helado Negro – This is How You Smile, Panda Bear – Buoys.
By the way, I have set up a playlist on my Spotify page with all the music that means something to me. It’s called ”Ossessioni”. Feel free to follow and share it.