Anthéne is the project of the Toronto-based artist Brad Deschamps (guitar, synth, field recordings, laptop ), member of North Atlantic Drift and founder of Polar Seas Recordings. He released a new album which follows 2018’s Colour FieldsWeightless is out now via Home Normal.

Now he’s back with a new release. Asymmetry is out now via Whitelabrecs. As the press release reports, The title of the album was born out of his idea of recording in different ways to create narrow, saturated recordings as well as widescreen ambience yet trying to blend these works together as a cohesive whole. Guitar and effects pedals, synthesizers and field recordings are some of the elements that form the basis of this dynamic yet minimal range of compositions but a simple yet key ingredient can be heard in the warm and gentle tape hiss which underpins the record.

Listen below.