“9 out of 10!” that’s the final rating my friend Adriano gives to The Blaze live show in Paris.

He’s a huge fan of the band, so I do perfectly understand his being overwhelmed by emotions at the end of the live act, and I must admit as well, the duo overcomes my own expectations.

First of all the venue, la Salle Pleyel, gives a touch of elegance to the show. The huge theatre’s black walls are submerged in a foggy curtain since the beginning. On the stage a giant white cube stays silent like a brand new 2001: a space odyssey monolith. Slowly some movies and images flash on the cube surfaces. The music rises up from behind the screens and after a minute or two, the cube opens up like an hatching egg. Here they are, the Alric cousins already singing through the vocoder; the characteristic sound of their voice, which marks each of their tracks, spreads all around.

The show flows for an hour or so (the duo released only one album and an EP and they play almost every track from their repertoire), but it’s enough to make the audience happy and satisfied. Merging their audio-visual works and experience, they exploit their potentialities at its peak, transforming the concert in a sort of artistic show, like some sort of an artistic digital installation. With their gloomy vocoder voice, their addictive rhythms and their clean electronic sound, The Blaze confirm being one of the most interesting electropop act of the moment.

Highly recommended. The band is worldwide touring, take a look at their website for further infos.

(The video below refers to a 2018 performance).