Pottery are a Canadian alt-rock band which include Tom Gould, Paul Jacobs, Jacob Shepansky, Peter Baylis and Austin Boylan. They announced the release of their first full-length. N.1 is out on May 10th via Partisan. “The Craft” is a new excerpt which is accompanied by a music video (dir. by Bronwyn Ford andMax Taeuschel) that follows singer/guitarist Austin Boylan as he drops down to planet Earth to observe human behaviour in its many forms for the first time.

Speaking of the video, the band’s Jacob Shepansky offers, “With ‘The Craft’ we wanted to explore the unconscious oddities of everyday life and how an outsider alien (Austin’s character) may interpret these trivial actions. Each band member has a niche hobby (in the video) that not only lends for blind emulation from the outsider, but also represents each member’s individuality within our collective project.”