Four years after No No No, American collective Beirut released a new album. Gallipoli is out now via 4AD. The album is named after the Southern Italian town where lead singer and founder Zach Condon wrote the title-track. Condon explains, on their website, how the album was born. Read here. They shared a new video for the track “When I Die“. It was directed by Brody Condon which says:

“After the psychosomatic session that inspired the Gallipoli cover art, I ran another session with Zach to guide a new video for “When I Die.” Something was missing. Later I learned the song was loosely about a fictional suicide cult, so I facilitated a group encounter with the band before their show in Berlin. I was surprised by their willingness to test each other’s boundaries, and spontaneously embody elements of Zach’s inner zone. They told me these intimate processes didn’t feel so differently from what they already do on stage.”