Following the release of his debut record A Louder Silence last October on Night Time Stories, London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Leifur James returned with a new track titled “Wurlitzer” which shows the delicate piano mixed with cinematic and pulsing electronic lines. His words about it:

“Wurlitzer’ was kind of a break away from the ambience of the album. I was wanting to corrupt the mood of the album with something a bit intense and destructive. I guess there was an unusual balance there for creating something new but in a bit of a destructive mind-set.”
“I’d been staying at my dad’s in the winter months, he lives in the middle of a rural pre historic stone circle, it’s quite an intense place in winter. I was playing on the old upright wurlitzer piano there and the wind was shaking the house, I could hear it aggressively whistling in the chimney. The contrast of the wind with the piano was interesting and gave me the idea.”