Two years after Selfless, Canadian musician and producer Joni Void (moniker of Jean Cousin, and also known as Johnny Ripper.) announced the release of a new album. Mise En Abyme is out on March 29th via Constellation Records. As the press release reports, Mise En Abyme refers to the aesthetic technique of putting a copy within the work itself, a story within a story, as a metafunction that aims to reflect the object back onto the perceptual subject in an explicitly conceptual way.

Cousin also plays upon the literal etymology of the term – “placed into abyss” – invoking the recursive neuroses of identity and self-consciousness, the lacuna of seeing/being-seen and projection/introspection; the metaphoric standing between two mirrors, plunged into spatio-temporal disorientation through reflections multiplied to an impossibly infinite vanishing point.

Full streaming is available below.

To celebrate the launch of Mise En Abyme, Joni Void is teaming up with frequent collaborator Sonya Stefan to present the album in a uniquely visual manner. The two artists will pool their collective audio/visual talents into a live immersive performance, relying on digital and 16mm film projectors plus an array of other objects to translate the album into a captivating filmic experience. This special release show will take place today at Montréal’s La lumière collective.