The group that composes Belief Defect first surfaced at the 2017 Berlin Atonal festival. At that time they were still anonymous. Today we know that Belief Defect is the latest Collab project by Luis Flores and Moe Espinoza, who we already know as Drumcell. Both come from the same background of contemporary techno, have been around for roughly a decade and now combine their experience since then to create industrial, massive and deconstructed electronic music that happens far away from the dancefloor. Since their debut album Decadent Yet Depraved that was released on Raster in 2017, the duo keeps rekindling the flame. Earlier this year they presented a series of remixes of their album. Today Raster shares the stunning Live performance at Berlin Atonal festival!

Thanks to Raster for sharing this live with people who couldn’t be there!